IXON Cloud Apps

Optimize your service offerings, and extend the value you derive from IXON Cloud by using the apps on this marketplace.

Record all service actions in a central overview for you and your colleagues.
Visualize the real-time position of your machine components with a 3D model.
Analyze machine data in Power BI. Automatically connect IXON data to Power BI, using a 90-day free trial.
Webshop integration that allows your customers to easily order spare parts in IXON Cloud.
Get an overview of active alarms, including start time, of all machines in a single dashboard.
Analyze the state in which your machine or a module within your machine is operating.
Upload documents like manuals, electrical schematics or reports belonging to your machine.
Calculate a single value out of multiple variables.
Monitor OEE performance of machine fleet by combining data of multiple agents.
Embed YouTube videos into the IXON portal to share video content with users.
Track counters for machine parts, and estimate their expected wear and tear date.
Combine your machine data with other data sources, using the Grafana connector.