AnyWare is an Enterprise Asset Management Cloud and application suite for small, medium and large businesses. Our cloud can make all types and forms of data from
machines and systems an integral part of your maintenance process. The digital process we facilitate consists of various applications and functionalities for Asset Owner, Asset
Manager and the Service Provider(s).

We provide asset performance management, in which both unconnected and connected assets enriched with (real-time) data can be visualised and rulled. Then we have an
extensive Field Service Management suite with both web and mobile app to perform and administer the maintenance and service tasks. All those actions and information will be
registered in the digital Asset Passport.

Our system is pragmatic, in combination with Ixon hardware or Ixon Cloud it is even possible to be up and running within 3 weeks for medium and small businesses.
Do you now manage your asset fleet in excel or on paper? AnyWare can digitise and optimise the entire process. Get in control of your asset fleet and start guaranteeing


dashboard     activity list   Asset and ticket information


AnyWare is a service-driven company. We like to look at the challenges of today and tomorrow with our experts to see which applications within our suite best fit the needs of
today and the future.

We would be happy to get in touch with you directly to discuss the case in an online or face to face meeting. We will then draw up a plan with a corresponding tailor-made price.
Our software is private cloud-based and available via any browser or mobile application.

Integration of the live data is done in consultation, and connection with IXON hardware or IXON cloud is available as standard. Integration with third parties software or systems is also possible on a project basis.

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