logicline's Salesforce IoT Asset Management bridges the gap between the industrial IoT and Salesforce worlds to provide insights into your assets through seamless integration. It's an easily configurable solution that uses standard Salesforce features. It makes these features more powerful by combining them with IoT data from your devices.

Our app uses the Salesforce Platform features with enriched “asset” object and related IoT data. You can leverage standard Salesforce objects such as configurable dashboards, work order, case creations and process builder to decrease implementation time.

Our underlying technology empowers you to use your IoT data to enhance business value:

  • Gain visibility into your installed base to optimize sales and service processes based on real time asset data.
  • Move from reactive to demand driven maintenance.
  • Manage warranties, SLAs and opportunities and enable your teams to do more with Salesforce.

This app works with Salesforce Service Cloud or Sales Cloud, and optionally uses the Experience Cloud for a customer self-service portal enriched with IoT widgets.

The data and objects can seamlessly be used within your Salesforce org with all the powerful features of the Salesforce Platform, from Flow to Einstein AI.

For more information on the app and how to install it, please contact logicline GmbH at sales@logicline.de .


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