StriData develops data (BI) connectors, reports and dashboards.

StriData creates data insights using cloud services (AWS, Azure) and Business Intelligence Tools such as Power BI. As Microsoft-certified Power BI data analysts (PL-300), they support organizations with visualizing (IXON) data by developing reports and dashboards.

Services we offer

✔ IXON Power BI connector (no-code)
✔ Power BI consultancy 
✔ BI connectors
✔ Streaming datasets (live) within Power BI    
✔ Data warehousing (Azure & AWS)
✔ Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analysts


Machine builders

Reference projects

IXON Power BI connector (no-code)
StriData developed a custom IXON connector which automatically loads data from the IXON cloud to Power BI
IXON cloud users can start developing Power BI reports with IXON data in less than 5 minutes
Free 30-day trial, so IXON cloud users can test at no-additional cost

Advanced machine data analytics (reporting)
Within Power BI, IXON data of multiple machines can be combined, enabling the development of dashboards displaying company wide alarms, historical sensor data or KPI performance.
With the help of a custom component, Power BI dashboards and reports can be embedded into the IXON portal.

Management reports (how is the IXON cloud used)
The IXON connector offers a range of possibilities for management teams to monitor the use of the IXON cloud.
Possible reports: activity of users (login), total remote sessions, type of connections (VPN, HTTPweb, etc..)

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