Based in São Paulo, we specialize in diagnostics and repairs on industrial electronic equipment and boards. We act as a distributor of Wago, Ixon, Invertek Drives and Pfannenberg in the area of ​​Industrial Automation, Remote Monitoring, Frequency Inverters, Air Conditioning of Electrical Panels and Audiovisual Signage for industries.
We are authorized and exclusive representatives of C.P. Bourg in Brazil.


Oil and gas, Textile, Machine manufacturers, Foods, Metallurgical, Industries and others.

Reference projects

Messer – IxAgent - Panel installed on trailers to control gas discharge.
Church of Jesus Christy – Router - Monitoring of infrastructure items.
Nestlé – Router - Monitoring the temperature of milk volume in trucks from the farm to the factory.
SMC - Router - Monitoring in panels of electrical and pneumatic components.

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