PLCnext Technology is the ecosystem for industrial automation, consisting of open hardware, modular engineering software, a global community, and a digital software marketplace. This combination makes it easy to adapt to changing demands and enables efficient utilization of existing and future software services, swarm intelligence, and technologies.

The precisely-tailored design of the open automation system is just as important as flexible, modular expansion. In addition to standard PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3, parallel programming and the combination of programming languages such as C/C++, C#, and Matlab® Simulink® in real time is also possible with PLCnext Control. Accelerate your application development process with the free basic version of PLCnext Engineer. Or use your familiar programming environment – you decide!

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PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact is a unique, open ecosystem for modern automation that is capable of meeting all the challenges of the IoT world. The state-of-the-art ecosystem offers open hardware, modular engineering software, global community and digital software marketplace.


Energy, Factory Automation, Infrastructure, Process Industry

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PLCnext Technology is much more than just a great vision. Operators and developers experience every day how PLCnext Technology opens the doors to the future! Experience a selection of projects that are already “Made with PLCnext Technology”. There is much to discover. Let us enhance automation thinking together! Use Cases Application - PLCnext Community (

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