Mecanica Moderna is a company focused in Industrial Automation based in Spain and Portugal

Services we offer

Mecanica Moderna offers different services:
Automation Components: PLC’s, HMI, Inverters, Servos, Motion Controllers, Encoders, routers, switches, robots, cobots, etc,.The full complete portfolio for the OEM’s
Automation Solutions: We provide the full solution for the OEM’s. Including: machine dimensioning, different alternative proposals, software, training, etc.
Turn Key Projects: We can provide a turn key project in case of needed, or a retrofit for all machines working with different platforms solutions, this is provided for our Engineering Division: Engineering Systems ESSIV


Packaging, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Textile, Printing, etc.

Reference projects

Automation for: Winding Machines, Printing Machines, Changeover for Packaging Machines, Ultrasound cleaning machines, etc.

Partner details