The iC9226M is a Motion Controller with an EtherCAT Master or with an integrated FSoE-Safety Master, running on a Linux platform and based on the PLCNext technology. Both Motion Controllers come with 4 servo-axes and 4 virtual axes and can be expanded up to a maximum of 64 axes each.

Features like PROFINET iDevice, Ethernet/IP scanner, OPC UA Server, USB serviceport, SD-Card slot, 16 MB Progr. Mem / 32 MB Data Mem / 3 MB Retain Mem are integrated. Other features like PROFINET Controller, Ethernet/IP adapter, Webvisu, Ethernet-Switch or OPC UA Client can be added via licensing. This Motion Controller is able to control servo’s, VFD’s and Robots and can be programmed by IEC61131 but also with High-level languages like C++, C#, Python or MATLAB.

All existing SLIO-modules are ready to use in our iCube Engineering software.

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