Ridder iQ, offers innovative ERP software with a strong representation among Machine Builders.

Customer-oriented yet efficient production. Ridder iQ offers all functionalities to manage the continuous coordination between R&D/Engineering, purchasing, production, assembly and services.

Real-time view of the progress of quotations, assignments and service orders. With Ridder iQ you optimize business processes from A to Z. The result: shorter lead times, high occupancy rates and higher profit margins.​

Services we offer

✔ CRM 
✔ Calculation and parts lists 
✔ Work preparation 
✔ Purchasing administration and stock mgt.
✔ Hours and personnel administration 
✔ Document management 
✔ Analytics


Machine builders

Reference projects

Asset Management: combine internal ERP data with external machine data
  • Machine performance/production data (available in IXON Cloud)
  • Machine state ‘as maintained’ with maintenance history (available in Ridder iQ)
  • Technical drawings (available in Ridder iQ)

From reactive to proactive service delivery
  • Button 'request support' on the HMI, which directly generates a ticket to the Service & Maintenance module in Ridder iQ
  • Input field IXON Cloud customer portal to submit a direct support request to Ridder iQ, possibly with additional (machine) information
  • Automatic ticket generation for certain condition of a component in the machine, e.g. after x number of operating hours

Spare parts management (Self service fulfillment)
  • Show current stock of all spare parts at the OEM
  • Synergy in combination with an e-commerce party (e.g. Solvisoft):
  • Production-as-a-Service: with a lease construction it is possible that supplied consumables are included with a machine that must be replenished on time. This can be maintained automatically via a link from the customer portal to Ridder iQ

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