At Autocontrol, we have put all our efforts into providing comprehensive solutions in the different branches of the industrial environment. Currently we continue to take advantage of every opportunity that our clients give us, to provide quality products, services and customized and Industry 4.0 solutions. 

Services we offer

With the work of each of our collaborators, we are bringing to the industry the best solutions for the maintenance and production area, in any application, from the generation of compressed air, to the automation and process improvements using pneumatics, hydraulics. , servomechanisms and industrial robots, as well as condition monitoring and data storage.


Food and beverage industry, Packaging industry, Textile industry, Paper and cardboard industry, Cement plants, Steel industry, Sugar mills, Electronic industry, Plastic industry, Shoe factories, Foundry plants, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Manufacture of concrete blocks, Collection plants for recycling, Chemical industry, Electric power generating plants, Microbusinesses and entrepreneurs, Technology integrators & Service companies.

Reference projects

LA GEO EL SALVADOR (Remote monitoring system for steam production wells)
INGENIA EL SALVADOR (Remote support for new projects)

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